Friday, June 17, 2011

Didnt we have a lovely time, the week we went to Bali.......

I didnt get much sleep on my last night in Australia. It was a really windy and stormy night in Perth and the noise of the howling wind kept me awake a lot of the night. I was up early though and after taking the airport shuttle and checking in I finally left Perth just after noon.

Just 3 and a half hours later I landed in Denpasar, Bali. It took half an hour to get my visa sorted and grab a taxi to the Best western resort, but I was settled in my superior room just after 5pm. It is a big room with a big beg, aircon, internet and a flat screen tv, just around the corner from the pool and its cheap as chips. About the same cost and a travelodge in UK.

I took a good walk around after checking in and found a few of the places I visited with Ozbus while we were here last November, but I was really tired after a long day and not much sleep, so went back to my room and had an early night after a good soak in the hot bath.

The second day in Bali was pretty good. The sun was out and after a lazy morning I spent lunchtime sat on a big sofa in a nice quiet bar overlooking the ocean, enjoying a quiet drink. Then when it cooled down a little I vegged by the pool for a couple of hours readin my book and generally enjoying the hot weather. The evening flew by as I wandered along the beach again and eventually trudged off to bed around 10pm. I know its early but I just want to enjoy doing nothing for a few days.

The next day was spent lounging in front of the hotel pool, enjoying the sunshine and a book give to me by Buffy, till Nikki arrived later in the day followed later by her mate Anna Marie. This is us for the next week or so and the following morning we spent a while booking hotels and transport around Bali until we depart next week and head north towards Singapore. Its been a good few relaxing days down here Kuta and Im looking forward to seeing the rest of Bali, starting tomorrow.

Rainy day as I left Perth

The pool in the hotel

A beer by the sea in Bali

Hotel room in Bali

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