Thursday, February 3, 2011

New photos

Well I am now safe and sound down in Melbourne and staying at Jennifer Parsonages house!

I slept on a truck top last night and had a really good night sleep, wking up after 715am , when I actually wanted to get on the road by 6! i stopped after a while and had a free shower at another truck stop before driving the last 700km's.

It was an interesting last days drive today, with a bird going head first into the grill of the car, which meant me having to clean the feathers out of the grill and blood off the side window!
The whilst doing a little over the speed limit, I was pulled by the fuzz and given a tiny $211 (about £140) on the spot fine!! Bugar!!

The rest of the day was easy, but I was glad to see teh skyline of Melbourne appear just after 3pm.

I headed for Jennifer Parsonages house and after giving her a lift to work and having a coffee I'm now having a quiet night in and relaxing.

Heres a few photos from the last few days!!....

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