Saturday, January 29, 2011

Falafels and running

Wednesday 27th January

After the night out celebrating Australia day, I had a good lie in this morning. It was gone 10am when I finally got my arse out of bed and after messing about for a while, I went out and got my hair cut and had a bit of breakfast.

I called the girls and they unsurprisingly were still in their bed, so after watching a bit of top gear on TV and tidying up, I headed out for the afternoon. Luckily, the sky cleared a bit and the sun actually came out for a while, so I sat reading my book and sunbathing by the lagoon, just on the edge of the ocean. It was probably the most relaxing day I have had in a couple of weeks – no planning, no trips anywhere and nobody to talk to. It was a little lonely, but with a good book the time flew by and when I looked at the clock later on it was gone 5pm, but the temperature was still 32degrees Celsius.

I am cooking (if you can call it that) for the girls tonight, so headed back home and got the stuff ready. Its only simple stuff – Falafel and haloumi burgers, all home made by my fine hands! – I would do proper meat, but because Andrea is veggie these will do nicely. They were quite nice when I tried them the other day.

Andrea and Lisa turned up just before 8pm, but I had to go out and find them as the apartment complex is, well, complex!! We sat down with a drink and I started to cook the falafel. It actually turned out to be a really nice evening. The falafel and haloumi went down really well and we sat and chatted about everything from Top Gear to cancer!! At one point we were disturbed by a lovely big grasshopper/cricket, who loved sitting on my hand. Andrea didn't like it much and retreated inside, but I thought he was lovely.

After eating the falafels, cheesecake and crisps with a glass or two of wine, we were checking out the internet and Lisa checked her flight booking for tomorrow...But then she noticed that her booking was for tomorrow – at 1250am! In 3 hours time!! Bugar, she thought it was late tomorrow night!! We tried to call and change the booking for tomorrow, but got no answer, so made a quick decision and booked a taxi. Lisa and Andrea then went home to Nomads, to pack up Lisas stuff and send her to the airport, while I got left with the washing up!! It was a really nice evening though and I’m glad they enjoyed it. I will meet up with Lisa again in Melbourne next week sometime and hopefully see Andrea tomorrow for a relaxing afternoon by the Lagoon!

Thursday 28 January

Well today was nice. After I got up early this morning I did a bit of shopping and then met up with Andrea just before lunch. We did another bit of shopping and then headed down to the Lagoon near the Esplanade. It was 35 degrees and so we found a nice but if shade and spent the afternoon reading, chatting and swimming in the lovely warm water of the lagoon. It was a lovely afternoon and about 6pm, we headed back to my apartment for dinner.

I cooked the last four falafels that I made yesterday and we sat and ate them while watching stuff on the net-book. The rest of the evening was spent doing the same, just vegging out chatting a bit of foot massage and watching stuff on the net-book All too early it was time for Andrea to head home and so I walked her to the gate of the apartments and gave her a hug, before going back to my room. She texted me soon after to say she had got home OK and had new roomies, so at least she wasn’t home alone for the night. Tomorrow is my last full day here and Andreas too. She heads off to Alice Springs and a trip down the centre of Australia, whilst I go back down the coast for a few days, before Melbourne and then New Zealand.

Friday 29 January

I woke up really early today and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I actually got my arse out of bed and went for a run. I headed north through town and than when I reached the esplanade I ran south back down to the Lagoon, where I had a quick shower and then swam for a while. Even though it wasn’t yet 10am, it was already 30 degrees Celsius. After a swim, I then wandered back to the room through town and the shopping centre, in my bare feet. It was a lovely way to start the day and something I should do a lot more of.

I then spent the rest of the morning getting my stuff ready to leave Cairns tomorrow. Its bee a nice week, but unfortunately it is nearly over. Andrea was out shopping and brought some rolls over and we had a lunch of sandwiches. We were going to have a swim In the pool, but the rain started and got really heavy, so we soent most of the afternoon just vegging out watching telly. The rain did stop just about 4pm, so we took a walk up to the esplanade where there was a celebration of Chinese new year going on. But because of the weather it was quite quiet and a bit of a disappointment, so we went down to the shopping centre where Andrea bought herself some new denim shorts and a belt. It was then time to go back to the apartment and watch a few TV shows. Andrea cooked us some rice and veg for dinner. She is leaving tomorrow too, to head towards Alice Springs so I walked her back to the esplanade and said goodbye. I wont see her till she arrives in Auckland, New Zealand now to meet up with me and Lisa next week.

After walking Andrea back to the Esplanade I went for a beer in PJ O'briens, but it was really quiet so I headed back home and had an early night, before a long day travelling tomorrow.

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