Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cairns, weirdy beardy and more fookin rain!!

I finally left Beaches hostel at about7pm, after chatting to my new roomies for most of the afternoon. Two of them were from just outside London and the other two from Adelaide – they were all travelling down the coast towards Sydney though, so I passed on as much information for them as I could, before I left them there.

I grabbed a pizza on my way to the bus stop and sat and ate it while overlooking the lovely little bay at Airlie Beach. It is a really nice place with something for everyone, whether you want to party or eat expensive food! Its especially good for the swimming and diving though, so I would recommend it to anyone.

On the bus I grabbed a seat and after watching a it of downloaded TV on my mp4, I tried to get some sleep. It wasn’t very successful, but with me sprawled across the seats at least I had it all to myself. The journey was so uneventful I wont even mention it!! Nothing happened except dropping off an picking up passengers and we arrived on time in Cairns at 6.40am.

I decided to try and drop my bags off at the Hostel as I was sure it was too early to check in, but I was pleasantly surprised when the bed in the dorm was available and by half 7 I was on my back and getting some proper sleep!

I woke up just after 10am and chatted to the two girls who were in the room. They are from Perth and heading south. They told me of their great snorkelling on the great barrier reef yesterday and I am now really looking forward to my trip in 2 days time. Also in the room was a big wierdy beardy type of bloke. He didn’t say much and seemed to spend most of the time sleeping.

After a while I decided to head out into town – It was raining hard, but there’s no way I’m going to spend all day cooped up inside because of a little rain..... However the little rain, turned into a lot of rain and I got absolutely soaked. I ended up wandering around town, looking at the shops and the harbour wharf all afternoon and was probably the wettest person in Cairns, as there wasn’t man other people stupid enough to be out in such weather. I actually quite enjoyed the afternoon and was repaid for my endeavour, with the sight of thousands of bats flying overhead in a break in the weather just as dusk hit. I couldn’t believe how many there were and some of them were massive.

In the evening I ventured out for a couple of quiet drinks and then headed back to my bed. I was knackered after the night bus and after a few videos on the netbook ,I had an early night – The wierdy beardy bloke was asleep in the kitchen, where had been asleep when I left about 2pm. He really is weird!

I was woken up at 6am by weirdy beardy, coming into the room and rustling plastic bags for no reason before leaving with his laptop. Then the 2 Perth girls got up and went out early. I decided to get up and take a walk as the weather was bright and hot. I wandered up the promenade and bought a paper before sitting reading it for a while by the lagoon. It was a lovely morning that flew by and after checking out of the Hostel I moved into my apartment, with a a pool view, where I shall be staying for the next week. I don’t mind dorms too much, with decent people and air-con, but the weirdy bloke from last night really got in my tits, so its nice to have my own place for a bit. I did a food shop and then headed down to an outlet mall, about 2 miles down the road. I got myself a new pair of trainers and some shorts to replace the ones that are now beyond repair, before coming home and cooking myself dinner. I promised Andrea and Lisa I would cook them dinner later this week, so because Andrea is vegetarian I made Falafel bugers and Halumi cheese/ It was surprisingly nice with sweet chilli sauce and I am confident I will feed them well when they come for food!

I ventured out again in the evening and watched as England lost yet another one day match! I visited a couple of good bars and then went home to bed. In the morning I am on a boat, again, and visiting Michaelmas Cay, one of the beaches near to the great barrier reef. We will be snorkelling the reef. Unfortunately there is a cyclone out by where we are due to go,. So we shall see if it is possible. If not then the weather will start to really piss me off!!!

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