Saturday, December 11, 2010

More fun in Sydney

Another day in Sydney has passed us by!

I went out shopping with Lisa and Andrea this afternoon and spent most of the day watching the world pass by. The girls spent a lot of time checking out the clothes whilst I waited patiently. I did get involved a few times but mostly enjoyed a nice mellow afternoon just waiting!! Lisa kept losing her water-bottle and having to go back for it, while we also started to get frustrated by the constant waiting for the lights to change so that we could cross the street.

After dropping off the shopping and doing a bit of admin. We wandered back down Pitt street to try and get up the Tower to see the sights of Sydney – But the dress code meant that we couldn’t get in – You need a collared shirt and no flip flops. Just to get into the bar!

So instead of having a beer there, we headed down to Circular Quay and the Opera House bar. This has a fantastic view over the harbour and the bridge, so the 3 of us sat there for an hour relaxing, taking pictures and drinking cold beer! The hour turned into 2 hours and we started on the sparkling wine. I got a phone call from Jennifer Parsonage who wanted to know where we were and when I told her what we were doing, she made her way down.

What had started as a quiet drink, was now a night out! Myself, Lisa and Andrea were eventual joined by Jennifer Parsonage and we continued chatting, and drinking even when there was a cloudburst and a really quick soaking from the rain. Everyone else ran straight under cover, but we just sat there and enjoyed the cold rain.

It got towards midnight and we started to make our way home, but somehow Jennifer Parsonage and Lisa got split up from me and Andrea, so the two of us wandered slowly back to the hostel and made it to bed about 2am. Jennifer Parsonage and Lisa were still out somewhere and eventually got home sometime later after a couple more drinks.

This morning we were supposed to leave our room and move into a 32 person dorm called 'The Church', but we really couldn’t be bothered so me and Donna went down to reception and eventually managed to secure our room for another night – The girls stayed in bed for a while longer and have just made it up now! Lisa is cooking a bit of rice for lunch and then this afternoon we shall venture out into Sydney again!

No photos yet from last night or yesterday – I will upload them later or tomorrow sometime!

The afternoon for me was spent doing a recce – I took the 20 minute walk up to Sydney Cricket Ground, so that when I get back here and go to the cricket in the new year, I know where I am going. The girls all split up and did their own thing. Jennifer Parsonage and Donna vegged out, whilst Andrea and Lisa wandered into the city and had a look around and a read of their books in the park.

In the evening I had arranged to meet up with Keri and Fraser again, so I walked down to circular quay and met them from the ferry – At least I tried to -Keri rang me when they arrived and although we could both hear the same saxophone player on our phones we couldn’t see each other!! We managed to get there eventually though and the 3 of us had a really nice mellow night wandering around the Rocks, having a few beers and looking through the weird stuff on the market stalls – including strange dolls and masks that make you look like a pig -check out the pics!!

After a nice night out we took a walk to Customs house and saw the model of Sydney that is under the glass floor, before snaking into Sydney CafĂ©, which has the best views of the Harbour and Bridge – It really is awesome. If I ever do meet a woman, I will take her there!!!

I said goodbye to Keri and Fraser and walked home, before having one last drink with Donna in the Hostel and then bed.

This morning we all got up and ready to move rooms, so our bags went into the store in the cellar and me, Jennifer Parsonage, Lisa, Liv and Andrea jumped onto the Manly ferry and went to the beach for the afternoon. It was a lovely warm day and we met up with Keri and Fraser again and spent 3 hours just chatting, snoozing and swimming in the cool sea. It was a lovely way to spend our last day in Sydney and all the girls said that they will definitely be visiting Manly again. It is worth it just for the views from the ferry on the way over.

We all headed back to the Hostel about 7pm and after a bit of shopping for sandwiched for our journey and dinner tonight, plus a couple of bottles of wine, we finally moved into our new room, sorted out our shite and then met in the kitchen, where Liv is cooking us pasta for dinner.

Tomorrow we pick up our hire cars and head off on a week long road trip. I have no idea how it will go or even where we are planning on going!! I’m really looking forward to getting behind the wheel of a car though and driving myself (and the girls) around!!

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