Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 1 - post bus!

Even though today was our first day after the bus, it wouldn't be hard to guess what we did -
Yep, we all met up outside Base backpackers at 11am and climbed back onto the bus!! We really are gluttons for punishment!!!

Rick, who hails from Sydney had promised us a tour around the sights before he has to get the bus back to the depot. So we did the harbour bridge and opera house, drove past Hyde park and up Oxford Street. Coogee bay, where Rick showed us his old school and actually picked up his mum, so she could meet us all and come out for the day on the bus.

It was then to Bondi Beach and Watson's bay, where we all had lunch at the famous Doyles Chip shop, while we sat and looked over the bay looking towards the city skyline.

Rick had promised the tour to be 2 hours, but we were having fun and didn't mind that it actually took nearer 4!
Back at base, we all hugged Rick and said our goodbyes to Janet, who was heading off as well. It was then a case of going back to the hostel dorm and getting a few hours well deserved rest.
Donna, Lisa and Bev got their heads down, Jennifer Parsonage went out to do a bit of shopping and I did a bit of washing for those that needed it doing. We met the Irish lads who were in our dorm too. They had been down to Bondi all day and were now suffering from bad sunburn, which looked really sore.

In the evening we had arranged yet another leaving drink - Michele is leaving soon. So at after 9.30pm. we headed down to scary canary and had a really quiet drink with Michele, Liv, Lana, Kenneth and Mark. Ray was there too and I think he will be coming out often over the next few weeks here in Sydney! Jennifer Parsonage stayed in and started to arrange how, and when me, her and Donna, plus anyone else who fancies it - are going to make our way to Melbourne next week. I'm really looking forward to the road trip, via the blue mountains.

It had been a long night the night before so everyone eventually drifted off - It was sad to say goodbye and strange to think I wont see some of these friends again.

Me and Ray were last left in the bar, but left before midnight and I went up to the room for a good nights sleep.
In the morning we are having a lie in and then going for a bit of shopping and a look around the city!


  1. Don't forget the leap by the opera house before you leave mate!!

  2. Great blog Rick. Really enjoyed reading it and glad you had fun on the trip. Enjoy the rest of your travels.