Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lanas birthday new arrivals and Byebye Barry

Today is Saturday and it has been a really nice mellow day.

There were no plans at all so everyone did breakfast at their own time and between us a few of is decided to take the short walk down to another square in town that was one of the supposed must see places in Kathmandu.

It was a really nice square, but a little like the one we saw yesterday, but me, Lisa, Donna, Vicky, Helen and David all enjoyed a nice wander around before climbing the most stairs ever, to reach a nice rooftop café where we all enjoyed a coffee or coke.

Then we split up and a few of us decided to return to the Hotel to post some items home, whilst the others continued to wander around.

Me and Lisa were the ones who needed the post – She was getting rid of stuff that she hasn’t used and I wanted to send all the postcards and tickets that I had collected, home to my parents.

We used GAC cargo services which also does the bast laundry here. Its just outside the hotel and has a sign saying 2 hour laundry service, so anyone else coming on oz-bus – that’s the place to go!! Right enough of the advertising!!!

After sending the post, me Lisa and Jaime had a good wander around the shops looking for nothing in particular. It was a nice afternoon and after a while we ran into Frankie and Becky doing much the same thing. Than after chatting with them we also ran into David and Helen who showed us a lovely place to have a warp for lunch.

It was getting on for 3pm by now and the day had flown by, so we decided to go back to the hotel and watch a couple of episodes of the in-betweeners on the net-book. We ran into Lana and Lisa was very relieved that Lana still had her passport from the Indian embassy, as Lisa thought she had lost it!!

So after watching the in-betweeners for a while Lisa went downstairs to see Lana again and do her nails for her – Tonight is Lana’s birthday celebration as well as a goodbye to Barry who is leaving us tomorrow. It will be a real shame to see him go as he has been great fun all trip.

The third reason to celebrate tonight is that four new girls are joining us for the remainder of the trip to Sydney!! Ill let you know how the night went tomorrow!!

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