Friday, October 8, 2010

Delhi - commonwealth games

After arriving in Delhi last night and just mellowing out after getting games tickets, most of us had a lie in this morning. Then we all set off in different directions - some of the groupo headed into town to see Delhi itself, others went to watch the Badminton or the tennis at the games. Frankie, Becky, David and Helen went to the Badminton and grabbed front row seats to see england take the bronze medal. Bev, Jaime and Live went to the tennis to see the Indian crowd boo all the other competitors. I spent an hour or so messing about with lanas laptop and the internet as it had gone tits up again - This is a nicve hotel, but the blokes who run it arent the brightest of buttons!! After lunch, me, Mark, Laura, Linda g0t the metro down to the stadium and queued to get in for the athletics. Unfortunately Kenneth had left his ticket in the hotel and so I had to wait with laura to give him his ticket and the ticket we had got for michele too. Outside the stadium stunk of sewage and there was also some bright indian guy who, when not allowed to take his bag into the stadium, decided to throw it up a tree!!
After about 5 lots of security and bag checks, cigarettes were taken away and drink was not allowed, we finally made it into the stadium. It is quite impressive, even though it was quite empty, but the atmosphere grew as people arrived and was really good as the events started just after 5.3opm.
There were a lot of events including the 110m hurdles in which the english lads came 1st, 2nd and 3rd. When the medal ceremony started the english all went mad and we even got our faces onto the big screen in the stadium. It was a really good evening and was also enjoyed by Matt and Awal who got cheaper tickets at the end of the stadium.

The evening finished just about 8.30 pm and me, laura and mark wandered back towards the metor station to go home - But the metro station was just one big queue and no one was moving, so we decided to walk up to the next station, but on the way we were asked by a strange man if we wanted to get a taxi - It was a great idea, as we arrived back at the hotel ten minutes later, having got the taxi straight to the door!!
Im now sitting back in the hotel lobby, waiting for bloomin Lana! She has gone out for food and has her door key on her - My beer is in her fridge and I am thirsty!! I hope she gets back soon, cos I need beer.
Its an early start tomorrow as we are off to Agra, where we are expecting an average hotel at best - But the Taj Mahal is just around the corner!!! Because we want to see it in the evening we have a 7am leave from here!!! Early night I think!

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