Thursday, October 7, 2010

Delhi and stuff

After the girls had had all their Henna tattoos – and Kenneth had had his tattoo(Frog in a sock in Hindi) We sat in the garden drinking illegal beers (The hotel has no licence so we bought beer from a local shop and hid them from the prying waiters!) and then went to a local rooftop Italian restaurant for Matt’s birthday meal.

Everyone had a good time, even though there were so many of us, that it took about 2 hours from the 1st person to be served their food to the last person to get theirs, but I had a really good chat with Donna and Janet about life, the universe, jobs, the past and the future and eventually when everyone had eaten we sang happy birthday for Matt as his cake was brought out.

The evening was a great success and I think everyone had a good time – So Happy Birthday Matt!

Myself, Lana and Kenneth were the last to leave (After checking out the sexy poster in the toilets!) and wandered the 100 yards or so back to the hotel. When we got there, we saw Frankie, Becky and Vicky, plus others in the garden, with used Mcdonalds wrappers!! Frankie had hurt her ankle last night and decided before the meal to get it checked out at the local hospital. Becky and Vicky had accompanied her to help out. Frankie was now sat with a pair or crutches and her lower leg in a cast. I hope her injury is not too serious and that she is back on her feet sometime soon as I know haw painful a dodgy ankle can be. But at least she is being looked after well by Nurse Becky and Nurse Vicky, so we know she is in good hands. After a chat about the injury, I said my goodnight and went up to my bed.

Time is definitely a healer - Yesterday, I was pissed off with India and the bus – The roads were terrible, the food was a bit random, the hawkers wouldn’t leave me alone and the weather was just too hot – But its amazing what a day can do. I had a really interesting and fun morning looking around the sights of Jaipur – I had a really good afternoon shopping for Sunglasses, cake and shoes with Lana, it was a normal afternoon, like you would have at home, just messing around trying on sunglasses and comfy women’s sandals. It was really nice to be normal for a few hours! I went online and got tickets for the Commonwealth games and I had a really good night celebrating Matt’s 27th birthday. It goes to prove that sometimes you really should just go to bed as you never know what the next day holds!! Tomorrow its a 9am start and a long journey to Delhi, where me Lisa and Awal started at the airport in India last week. I’m really looking forward to it now and I know I’m going to sleep well tonight!!!

Its now the next day again and we are in Delhi – The journey was uneventful apart from helping Lana create a spreadsheet to add up all her sums for monies in and out – amazingly it all worked out perfectly – unlike the crosswords we then did which we had to cheat a little on to get all the answers.

After arriving in Delhi and booking into the Hotel Oscar I went to the Commonwealth stadium with Becky and David to pick up tickets for tomorrow nights athletics and for them to get tickets for the Badminton. The underground train system here in Delhi is really good – Its clean and fast – the only problem is that there are so many people on it that you inevitably end up with your head in someone’s armpit! But everyone is really friendly and helped us find our way to the stadium.

When we go there we were greeted by the sound of cheers and the noise of the Australian national anthem as a medal ceremony took place inside. We really cant wait till tomorrow to be part of it all. Its a pity we aren’t in Delhi a bit longer, as the city looks really cool and we are going to end up spending most of the day at the games – but it is a once in a lifetime type of event.

Back at the hotel I gave the tickets out to the others who wanted them – and arranged to meet up with them all in the morning. Then it was a task to find some beer and mellow out for a while updating my blog and watching resident evil on telly.

Its been another good day – Delhi looks great and so far has exceeded my expectations – I’m loving the bus again!!


  1. Glad you are feeling better and the PICCIES are BACK !!!!

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