Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A busy day today

I will add more photos when we get a decent internet connection.... Heres what happened today.

It was still very very dark when I got out of bed at 4.45am.

Myself, David, Liv, Kenneth, Isabelle and Lana all met up and boarded our but to drive to a local hill top and watch the sunrise. When we arrived near the hilltop the traffic was a night mare as all the tourists had got up early. So we abandoned the bus and walked the last half a mile. Well, I tabbed the last half a mile and left everyone else to do their own thing – I didn’t want to miss the sunrise!

After arriving at the top of the hill I wandered around and got a good spot with the mountains on one side and the sunrise on the other. Slowly it began to get lighter and the tops of the snow covered mountains glowed with the dawn. After 30 minutes or so, it looked like the ground was on fire in the distance as the sun got higher. Then suddenly a powerful bright glint of light shone over the distant hills and a cheer, clapping and sighs went up from the crowd. It was a really great sunrise with bright vivid reds and yellows and for a short while, as it climbed above the horizon you could actually look directly at the sun itself., It was well worth getting up early for.

I made my way back to the bus after a while and waited for the others, before we =went back to the hotel for breakfast. I only had a couple of hours to kill before it reached 10.30 and me, Lisa and Jaime met up and were driven down to the town to go paragliding. We filled out the forms and were driven back to the same hill I had seen the sunrise from this morning. We were introduced to our instructors – Mine was a Bulgarian called Roman – and after a quick briefing it was just a quick run down the hill and we were all airborne. I really enjoyed flying about and we gained height pretty quickly and had a great view over the town and the lake. Jaime was lucky and started first, but finished last getting a lot longer than myself and Lisa. Lisa also had a madder pilot who showed her all his spiralling moves. It was a good way to spend the morning and Id love to do or again one day, but after 40 minutes or so it was all over as we landed in a field beside the lake and were dropped back into town.

After a quick break we arranged to meet up and get a boat around the lake, just like I had done twice yesterday. But one of the girls was out and Lisa arranged to meet me down by the boats later as I was going sown with Lana and Kenneth for a swim.

We joined some of the local kids on a concrete platform and made them all laugh by jumping in the lake with them. It was hard work on a hot day so we sunbathed for a while until Bev, Jaime, Lisa and Mills turned up to go boating. Unfortunately the boat shop would only let 4 people in the boat at once, so I dipped out and went back to sunbathe again, while thegirls took out their boat. It was funny watching them try and paddle around and we shouted them over to take some photos. Myself and Lana jumped in and hung off either end of the boat trying to scare them by rocking it up and down. It was then back to sunbathing before heading home.

I decided to nip down the road and get a haircut of a local barber. It was really cool. The barber is a little guy with massive rusty scissors, which thankfully he knew how to use. The haircut only took 10 minutes, but as part of the cost he also gave me a head, neck and back massage! It was just what I needed after all the paddling yesterday and I left there very relaxed.

It had been a long day as I had been awake since 4am, so I arranged to meet up with Lana and Kenneth for dinner later and planned an early night.

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