Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bruce Willis.....

My admin afternoon ended up being an hour on my bed, in the dark, feeling sorry for myself!! I managed to break my adaptor for loading photos from my camera onto the computer, but luckily I’m a switched on Fothermucker, so I have 2 spare cards and another adaptor, plus a cable, so it didn’t bother me too much!! I did manage to make it up onto the roof to have a look around, but its just too hot at this time of day, so after a few minutes I went back inside. I had a slight bellyache, no reason why as I’m not ill, but just a little off colour, so I lay in the dark, with the air-con on until Becky knocked for me just before 5.30.

We met up downstairs with Awal, Matt, Laura and Frankie and went for a wander around the local area. After a few hundred metres one of the locals, started to walk with us, chatting and telling us about the area. This sort of thing doesn’t happen at home. If you say hello to a stranger in UK, they will probably look at you like you are some kind of mugger or murderer! Here, everyone seems friendly and really pleased to see us – a few white strangers, kind enough to come and visit them.

Our new friend -His name was Mothen, walked with us and showed the veterinary college where he studies until we came across some of his friends playing a game of basketball. Awal and Matt wanted to join in, so went over to the court and played a game of 2 v 2 against the local lads. We watched for a while and then Mothen, continued to walk with us and showed us an The Lallgarh palace, that has now been turned into a luxury hotel. The grounds and building were really nice and the security guard – a 200 year old man with a stick, didn’t mind us walking round to have a look.

It started to get dark, so Methon walked us back towards our Hotel, but invited us to his friends house for a cup of local tea, to look at his friends vintage car and to see a picture of Richard Gere!! Unfortunately, we needed to get back to our Hotel for dinner, so we had to decline his kind offer.

We got back to the Hotel and were going to meet downstairs for dinner, but when I turned on the TV, I was lucky enough to find live coverage of Man United V Sunderland on ESPN, so I ran back down to tell Becky and Frankie to enjoy their dinner as I had something far more important to do!! I’m now sat again on my bed watching the footy!! Its going to be a quiet night!!!

Just a quick update – I had a shower at half-time and was surprised to see just how special this hotel is- I have never seen a hotel room before that has 2 showers!! One underneath the other!! I used both because I am just greedy – haaha!

After the footy we had a quiet night - I manageed to get all the movies working on Debbies netbook, while also uploading a load of films to Lisas - Then we spent a while on the roof chucking the fat.

Its still hot though, so I went to bed about midnight.

Its now 7am the next day, the internet is working better - probably because no one is on it now!!

Another bus day today, off to Jodhpur!! Bruce Willis is not too good!! Its all in the water.....

Camels from the hotel roof

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