Friday, October 29, 2010

Bangkok day 2

It had been a long days travelling and so I decided not to go down to the Ladyboy show, but to hang around locally and have a quiet one. After dinner downstairs I went back to my room to sort out some stuff and then headed across the road to a little bar where I ran into David, Mark and Isabelle. Isabelle headed off to bed as I arrived so I sat there with the two guys and chatted for a while abou the bus, India and what we thought of Thailand.
The guy who owns the bar started to chat to us about Thailand and then got down a police nightstick that he has haging behind the bar. After unscrewing one end, he then showed us that it was also a secret shotgun!! He then proceeded to grab a couple of shotgun cartridges, but we managed to persuade him not too load it!! David and Mark were still nervous with it pointing towards them though! We had a few more beers until there were none left and were just about to head to bed, when we remembered the 24hr pool bar next door (Pool as in table, not swimming!) So we headed up the stairs. Inside there were pool and snooker tables and a few locals playing games. The beer was cold and the atmnosphere pretty good so we continued to chat for a while, whilst getting a few stares and smile from the local lads and lasses.
It was a really nice mellow night anbd I went to bed happy but tired.
This morning we all had breakfast and about 15 of us headed out for a tour of Bangkok.
We saw big buddhas, reclining buddhas, green jade buddhas and lots of gold and bling covered buildings. This place is steeped in culture and its all really interesting and well looked after. The day was hot though and a few of the group were not feeling too good with the effacts of the food from India taking hold, so not everyne loved every minute of it. But our guide Teya still made it a good day out!
After the culture a few of the group went back to the hotel for some rest and recuperation, whilst a few of us headed into town and the MBK shopping centre...
This is a big, mad shopping centre in the centre of Bangkok, where you can buy absolutely anything!!! Me Linda, Mark, Kenneth and Lana spent a good two hours wandering around looking at all the stalls and shops. It really is a big maze of stuff and very easy to get lost in, which is why we managed to lose Mark somewhere!
After a couple of hours though we were all getting tired and decided to grab a taxi back to the Hotel for a rest. This meant finding the taxi rank and then telling the guy on the rank where we want to go - He then tells a taxi....This stops tourists getting ripped of by dodgy taxi touts!! It was a busy afternoona dn a 20 minute ride home, but we didnt notice the time, but just the clean organised streets of Bangkok, which were lovely after 2 weeks in India!

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