Monday, September 13, 2010


I havent been on in a while, so today im going to add a few posts with whats been going on and another few with photos - Ill start here with what happened on the night in Vienna....

If you want to see even more photos, click on the picasaweb link on the left hand side of the page........

Added bits from Vienna -

I forgot to write about the strangest part of the last night in Vienna - I have added the photos, including one from where I took a photo of the big screen showing the Opera. When I looked to see how it had turned out, there on the photo was an unknown man staring directly at the lens! I immediately looked around and there was no one in front of us. I butted into the girls conversation and showed them the photo – they too got the heebie jeebies as there wasn’t anybody near us and no one had walked in front of us for a minute or two. We all started to believe in ghosts and got shivers down our spines. Then, with a hint of irony the girls looked back at the big screen showing the opera and the unknown ghost from the photo was there staring back at us.....It made us all laugh – I had taken a photo of the opera!!

Then next morning you could see the difference in everybody. We had mellowed out for the evening, most people had had a good nights sleep and we were all bright and raring to go for the trip to Budapest. Well, nearly everyone, a few wide eyed people had been up late, but still managed to make the bus just in time, even though there was a bit of walking with bags involved.

The journey to Budapest was quite quick. By now we are used to the bus journeys, so the swapping of seats, wandering up and down to chat to other people and the passing of sweets, biscuits and crisps between seats and up and down rows has become the norm.

Its only been a week, but we are becoming travellers:-

No more do we require our own beds and home comforts. To us, life has become a bunk bed in a strange room, wearing clothes at least twice before washing and passing food, stories and banter between each other as Europe passes by through the windows. But for now as I say, we are just travellers – soon we will become adventurers , and god knows what will be normal then!!!!

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