Friday, September 17, 2010

Turkey -

Right we are now in Turkey, Istanbul to be exact. It was a long journey yesterday made even longer due to the mad traffic in Istanbul. It actually took us two hours to get to the Hostel after reaching the city. We had yet another bit of a tour of the city, due to not being able to turn when we wanted to and then every time we wanted to u turn and go back towards the Hostel, we couldn't turn the way we wanted. Finally after taking one final wrong turn and having to reverse the bus the wrong way up a one way street, we finally parked outside The Orient Hostel. We were watched as we unloaded by all the tourists in bars and on the street, pointing at us and then reading the Ozbus sign on the side of the bus.
After a funny welcome song - His version on Hotel California, we all piled up stairs to the roof top bar for dinner and a few drinkys. Its a great view, overlooking the Bosphorus one one side and the world famous Blue Mosque on the other.
A few of us tried the shish water things again while others sat on the terrace for a while admiring the views and chatting.

This morning I was up and out for a run along the coast. It was my last PFT as a squaddie and I managed a time of 10.38. That's not bad for a 40 year old!!
Then after putting my washing in and getting a shower I went upstairs to the bar for breakfast and to meet up with everyone for the day out! Becky is moaning, Frankie punched me in the face, then Becky pulled her hair and threw her off the balcony - They expect a full recovery!!
Actually that is all bollocks - they are sitting next to me talking shite!! Its all good though!! Is anyone even reading this!?


  1. Rick & Nessa ClackSeptember 18, 2010 at 7:21 PM

    Becy's Mum & Dad are reading this too!!!We're really enjoying it, fella-keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you!! I will!! It'll get better again when we meet up with the rest of the group in a few days!