Saturday, September 18, 2010

Retirement dinner

The night out was pretty damn good. It started perfectly with a power outage down the whole street. This went on for over an hour, so it meant we sat in the dusk, candles lit (Some real and others fake candles) just chatting having a quiet drink and waiting for the lights to come back on. When they did, there was a big cheer from everyone, then a groan as they went off again - Then fits of giggles and laughing at how stupid we all sounded! haahaa!
When the lights eventually came on for a third time, they stayed on and the food came out. It was good Turkish food and went down well. Me and Jaime, who's birthday it is tomorrow had the usual happy birthday songs (although I tried to change the words on mine, to happy retirement).
I was surprised by being given a present from everyone, in the shape of a shoe box. I expected slippers, but after going through the 20 or so plastic bags that wrapped the gift, I was shocked to see a retirement gold watch!! It is the most beautiful and stylish watch you could ever wish for - Not!! Haahaa! Its a massive gold monstrosity, but I am genuinely touched that I have it. Along withe the hair clip and a really nice Turkish bangle, it has added an extra touch to the day.
After we had cake (some more than others eh Frankie!!) We headed back to the rooftop bar of the hostel and sat chatting, singing round the guitar and generally having a good time till after 1am. I was knackered - I am now an old man!! haahaa! So I went to bed.

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  1. Cool they bought you a watch!!! Brilliant!
    Would love to see a pic of it!!
    (and at the top the headline says you are still in Belgrade!!)