Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Istanbul to India

After we had showered and ate, we all piled back to the Indigo Travel office, to re pack our bags again and then board the shuttle bus to the airport. Unbelievably the shuttle bus turned up early! So we threw our bags on board and then Lisa had to run off to get her laptop which was charging in the office. We then set off and within 200metres had stopped dead. There was traffic everywhere and not much to do – However our minibus driver decided to reverse back up the steepest hill in Istanbul and then tried to drive away up another...It didn’t work first time so he reversed and got a run up, then just made it up the hill. We started to chat to a fellow passenger who has been travelling for 18 months. His name is Gustavo and he is a tennis player from Argentina – He travels around earning a bit of money from tennis to pay for his travels. He showed us a video of when he was in Amritsar – our destination tomorrow and we laughed at how mad it looked – Istanbul is mad, but its going to be nothing compared to India – I cant wait!!

We eventually managed to get through the worst of the traffic, only to realise that we were back at the Indigo office, 20 minutes after we had left it!!

It wasn’t too bad now though, so we got to the airport fairly quickly.

We unloaded the bus and looked for our entrance whilst Lisa took a cigarette break with Gustavo.

He then got a trolley and pushed his own and Lisas bags all the way through the security, which is unusually, on the entrance to the airport and then he continued to push her bags all the way to our check in, even though his check in was all the way at the other end of the airport.

We managed to book in OK and said our goodbyes to Gustavo, before going through passport control and into the departure lounge, which is where we are sat now. Lisa is trying to resist the urge to buy more clag from Duty Free and Awal is eating an ice cream that he got cheap from Burger King, as he didn’t have enough money! We like Istanbul airport – Its funny watching the babies crawl around everywhere and its a nice atmosphere.

So, now its a few hours later and we are in Dubai!~! The flight with Emirates from Istanbul was ace. The best food I have ever seen on a plane and free wine!!I watched a movie whilst Lisa slept and Awal watched tv and played a bit of Tetris. You can see the class in a different airline when compared to Sleazyjet or Boneair. Emirates if so classy and we have another flight with them to Delhi in just under 4 hours.

We are now lying on the floor in what is described as the biggest building in the world (By cubic capacity) and it is impressive. Everything oozes money including the waterfall and jungle that we just walked past. Its a shame that we cant leave the airport and see more of the place, but as we are just transitting its impossible to do so. Anyway, its nearly 2am here so its time for a kip before the 2nd of 3 flights tonight.

We woke up an hour or so later after sleeping on the plush carpet next to gate 119, where our flight is due to go from. We woke up surrounded by the Scottish commonwealth team on their way to Delhi!

We got on the plane and managed to swap seats so that we were all next to each other. I was dissapointed that I was on the wrong side of the plane to see 'The World', or the city of Dubai itself.

After another good emirates flight we landed in Delhi, to a warm warm day and a bit of teh famous indian confusion. The airport we landed in is the international one and we have a domestic flight to Amritsar - So after getting directions to one red bus and then getting off because we had no Indian money, we then got more directions to a bus stop, which turned out to be on the wrong level - Finally we got on the right GSM bus and drove th short 10km route to the domestic terminal. Outside the window are tuktuks, and loads of workers preparing for the commonwealth games for next week. My first impression of India is ace - Its a bit mad, but everyone is really friendly and helpful and its fookin hot hot hot!! There is free wifi in eth airport where we are now -everything sems to be cheap in the airport so would be really cheap in the real world.

We had better get off now anyway, as the flight to amritsar loads in a few minutes - Tonight we meet back up with the Ozbus family!! Coooooool!!! Photos later or tomorrow!!!


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