Monday, September 13, 2010

Budapest to Belgrade

It was an early start and after everyone boarded the bus we left for Belgrade. I was a bit disappointed because I really like Budapest, plus where the bus was parked I picked up free internet for the first time in 2 days!! haahaa! We did have time to get the F1 result and all the football scores from the weekend, so that was a bonus.

We stopped after only 20 minutes, so we could get road tax for bus and to get rid of all our Hungarian money – Most people bought drinks, crisps and chocolate, while others had a quick McDonalds and got some fags – But there was still money left over after we all put together our change – So we discussed buying a torch or spray paint to do the bus s different colour, but eventually got more crisps and sweets to pass around. I also got a kinder egg – which turned out not to be an egg, but looked like 2 tiny meatballs, in custard!! It did have a toy though, so after 2 hard worked minutes of engineering I had the worst little cardboard plane I have ever seen – To add to the disappointment, it didn’t bloody fly either!! Dagnabbit! We got back onto the bus and headed out of Hungary towards Serbia.

Passports and probs with USA and one Aussie passport at Hungary border – then at Serbian border Dannis the driver had to collect them all to take to the Serbian border guards. I had a great time on the bus with Liv, messing around with my camera phone and playing with al the little features, so that I ended up with a fat face or doing picture in picture. The journey flew by and we were quickly on the outskirts of Belgrade, where after a car crash at a set of lights (Smashed bumpers and air bags going off!) We headed through the city, then again, then again – as the map we had was in English and the street names not, it was difficult to find where we were. We passed a few building showing bomb damage from the NATO bombings of 1999, before passing them again!! Finally we picked up the guy from the Hostel who took us on another route around town and finally to the Hostel where we quickly unloaded the bags, checked into our 9 man room. (The ladies are in a separate building down the road) the WIFI (SHEWEE) was good so while some of the group went into town, others mellowed out with a Slivovic from the Hostel receptionist and caught up with the internet and the outside world!!


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