Sunday, September 26, 2010

Boat updates - part 1 of 2

Right boys and girls - Heres the first update from the boat - Ill finish off and do the next bit tomorrow when I have a day by the pool...... Here we go...

We had a good night in the bar having a few drinks and making new friends. We met a group of 2 blokes and a girl. Rochelle was from Australia and the guys were from NZ and South Africa. We sat for a few hours chatting a bit and Lisa made everyone laugh by commenting that one of the guys looked like Boris Johnson! It was a lovely mellow night, so the time went slowly and so did the beer. It got to about 10ish and after not sleeping much last night, we all went for an early night.

The next morning we were up about half 8. Got breakfast and a coffee eventually after Lisa showed me how to use the coffee machine. Awal even got his second round of scrambled eggs.

Just after 10am we went to the V-GO tour office and after a wait and a swing in the hammocks, we boarded a minibus with the other guys from the boat trip. On the way we had a stop for shopping and the 30 minute wait turned into an hour, but it gave us a chance to chat to the other guys and gals off the boat. Also we looked for sunglasses and sun cream, but it was outrageously expensive!!

Back in the bus we headed off along the coast road and eventually turned into a lovely little bay where there were lots of day charter boats and our boat and home for the next few days. We all boarded a small boat which took us out to our gulet

Its a lovely big gulet, called sevi-5, with 7 or 8 cabins, where you get changed, but we will sleep on the deck at nights. The lunch we were served was lovely – Chicken and potatoes with salad and rice. It also gave us a chance to chat to the rest of the boaters and tell them all about our trip so far and the bus family. For some reason unknown to us and probably everyone else on board, the two Aussie girls brought out some Fez hats that they had bought. It was decided that me and Awal, plus the two girls, Eleanor and Kim, would wear the Fez's for the duration of the trip – Well that's what the girls think – me and Awal decided we would wear them for a bit and then try to lose them as soon as possible!! As we sat chatting, Rani, who works on the boat pointed out a turtle swimming on the bay just by the boat. We all watched as another and then another appeared.

Then the engines started and we headed off along the coast – First to the sunken city, which was basically a few old walls by the edge of the sea and then to a castle on a hill. We were taxied ashore by the boat dude, but didn’t want to pay entry to the castle so we went back to the boat and swam around for half an hour, swimming to and climbing onto some rocks a hundred meters or so from the boat. It was then off to pirate cave where we all swam into a large cave and took photos inside.

There were rocks under the water and a few of us got cuts and scratches but it didn’t matter as it was really spooky and cool in there. We were called back to the boat and then went about a mile around into a lovely little cove where we are now tied up for the night by a few rocky cliffs Later we will get a water taxi and sample the delights of Smugglers inn – according to the handout we have been given you must stay there till 3am to have the most fun!! We shall see how long we last!!

After dinner we chatted for a while and then around 9pm ish the water taxi turned up and took us around the bay to The Smugglers Inn. Me and Awal left our Fez's behind – so they didn’t get nicked! Honest!! Smugglers Inn is a great little bar only accessible by boat. We were the only people there to begin with but after a while other people turned up off the yachts that shared the cove with us for the night. We all enjoyed a few drinks and I even got up to dance!! But after 2 or 3 hours it was getting late, so I took a sit down by the dock, chatting with Eleanor, one of the Australian girls off our boat, with my feet dangling in the clear warm water and watching the reflections of the water off the rocks on the opposite side of the bay. Everyone else off the boat decided to go home and so we jumped on the water taxi and went home. It was then just a few minutes till we were all tucked up on the deck of the boat, watching the full moon and then fell asleep.

I woke up early as normal and watched the sunrise over the bay and the boats around us. It was just stunning – the pics will be on here soon, if not already.

The boats engines started about 6.30 and we set of for the day. I went down below to brush my teeth , but was surprised to see a fish passing the window! When I went back up top, there were two fishing lines out on the sides of the boat – Fish for lunch? The crew and Paul and Heather are now involved in a fishing tournament – Its 2 fish all at the moment, but Rani just caught herself a biggun!!

We continued to motor for an hour or so until breakfast was ready – It was fresh cucumber, tomatoes, cheese, watermelon and bread along with boiled eggs. Everyone scoffed it, except for Eleanor and Kim who weren’t feeling too well. Then we continued on towards our first stop of the day – a little town called Kas. When we arrived we all got off the boat and me, Lisa, Awal, Kim, Eleanor and Tristan all wandered into town to get sun cream and water. Awal spent a while trying on all the sunglasses in the local market, before deciding on a nice pair (The rest were all too small as he has a really big head!) I bought myself a straw hat – I know I look like a dick wearing it, but it stops my ears and head burning! Lisa also bought a pink lilo from a local shop and then made me and Tristan blow it up for her – haahaa! It nearly blew away when Tristan threw it to me as I was swimming in the sea. It was then back to the boat and we spotted another turtle swimming in the harbour past the boats. Before long we were off again along the Turkish coast. We all sat sunbathing and chatting, watching the large villas on the rocky hills by the sea – we also saw a hotel with two water slides down the cliffs in to a pool.

The boats motors suddenly stopped – we all knew what this meant – We had more fish! At the back of the boat, the crew were reeling in the 5th tuna of the day, caught again by Paul! It was then time for lunch.

Lunch was good again – salad, tzatziki, pasta and bread. If was quite difficult to eat though as we were docked up where it was quite windy and the waves kept rolling the boat while we were eating.

After lunch we motored for a couple of hours but most of us slept or sunbathed for a while. Eventually we pulled into a bay for the night. The first thing we saw was a pleasure boat, obviously privately owned – with skinny model chicks dancing on the deck to loud music, whilst the older (obviously richer) men sat watching them dance. Then then started to frolic -lap dancing the men and generally being complete tarts -We wondered how much the girls were earning for their time!!

We stared open mouthed, but before anything too dirty happened they left the bay and went somewhere else.

We decided to get in a bit of swimming and also got the snorkel gear out. I spent ages floating around just watching the fish and was joined by Lisa – but she managed to drop her snorkel and watched as it sank into the sea – I quickly dived down to about 12 feet and managed to grab it before it sank too far. However, a few minutes later she looked again and saw that she had dropped the same snorkel a second time. We looked around the sea floor and saw it staring back at us from the bottom. It was too deep for us to get this time, but Awal came to the rescue, grabbing a spare pair of flippers, he dived down to 20 or 25 feet to grab the snorkel – However when he came back up his head was exploding and his ears were burning from the water pressure down there. He is Lisa's new hero – she owes him at least one beer tonight.

Were now sat around again, waiting for dinner which will be served in half an hour or so – Then we think it will be an early night!


  1. excellent mate! I think that the rest of the bussers will be sad they missed it!

  2. Old Skeggy will never seem the same again !!!

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