Wednesday, September 15, 2010

And more pics

David having a picture taken of his arse - ;-)

Here's some more piccies of the last day - We left Belgrade and went to Sofia, where the hotel was great! I don't think anything has changed since 1963, but it was comfy, had hot water and was very warm - A little too warm ,but good all the same.
After the night watching the footy, it was off to bed and then a walking tour of the town centre this morning. It was a pretty nice place , around the churches. and basilica that we looked at - as as well as the Presidents workplace and various really good statues, which replaced old cold war statues that had been removed.
We were led by two local tourist students who told us all we needed to know as well as lead us through a subway where I managed to get yesterdays Daily Star - Its not the sun, but its close enough!!
After the tour it was back onto the biscuit tin and all the little biscuits headed off to Plovdiv, where we are now. It looks like a lovely place, with cobbled streets, nice looking really cheap cafes and bars and squares with people sitting and children playing - as well as dogs sleeping and cats scrounging for food. Later we are off out for a walking tour of the area, so Ill add more piccies later pr tomorrow. There are 9 blokes together again sharing a toilet, shower and sink that are all in one small room - Its gonna be an interesting night!! Good job I have my training to rely on!! haahaahaa!!!

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